Dear LEMA Members,
 At the occasion of our celebration of Christmas 2019 and new year 2020, as announced by outgoing committee, there was an election of new committee members. We are humbled and honoured to be asked to lead LEMA in the year 2020-2021.  We sincerely thank you for trusting us with this great responsibility.  We accept this challenge with excitement. For the information of everyone let me introduce the new team:

Jacob Kuyiladan - President
Ashitta Xavier  - Vice President
Benny Vengacheril - Secretary
Sijo Chacko - Treasurer
 Other Committee Members include:
Philips Kadavil
Beena Thomas
Mahesh Madhavan Santhi
Programme co-ordinators:
Jitha  Vigy
Regi Jayan
I take this opportunity to thank all outgoing committee members for their hard work to keep LEMA going forward. As part of going forward, we will do our best for the welfare and cultural fulfilment of Malayali community in Leeds.  We have already planned a few events for this year. The Secretary will post the details with dates of events planned very soon.  We would appreciate your valuable suggestions and wholehearted support in achieving our goal.   With your blessing and encouragement, we are ready to serve you.
We take this opportunity to extend our hand of welcome to all Malayali friends who are not members or active in LEMA and encourage them to become part of LEMA and get involved with our community.  We are not a big community in Leeds, so let us all stay united under one umbrella – LEMA to help each other and to build together. Our efforts as new LEMA Committee in the coming days and months will be to unite all Malayali residents in Leeds. We owe this to the young generation who follows us. Please contact the LEMA Committee if any one becomes aware of the presence of new Malayali resident in Leeds.
Extending hands of friendship to all, thanking for all the support promised, hoping everyone one of you will be behind our LEMA,
I remain,
Jacob Kuyiladan


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