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Dear LEMA members,

Hope all our members are keeping safe and  continuing to pray for those in need of our prayers specially at this time of covid 19 attack . We do understand many of our members were affected  with Covid and been recovered from it. But We all are still going through lot of mental and physical stress one way or the other, so to cheer you all up and bring some light into our stressful life LEMA committee has decided to do a Saree challenge Fun   in a hope that all the women members will participate actively, it’s for fun and  definitely not a competition, so please do participate and make it a great fun to relieve our stress.
Video for the 
Saree Challenge may include a   cat walk/ still video with a  small covid19 positive  message at the end of video. total time 1 to 3 minutes. 
Last date for submission is 18/05/2020 and can be submitted to any committee member. All entries received by 18 May will be edited to a single video slide show and will be published through our official social media. Video should be recorded to a minimum 1080p camera which can be recorded with any smartphone. 
 So ladies please unfold your sarees and step out with cheer and confidence.
Thanks in advance for your participation. 


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